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Payfriendz - Social Payments


Payfriendz is the NEW messaging app giving you an easy and secure way to send or request money in real time between your friends. Whether you’re collecting money for gig tickets or chatting with your mates to settle up for dinner, Payfriendz will become your next “can’t live without” app.We’re on a mission to help you #ForgetCash for all social payments by presenting an alternative to your complex and time consuming banking app.
Get started by adding your friend’s username (or invite them) and chat or exchange payments instantly. Top up your account securely with your UK debit card and withdraw to any UK bank account. Spend your balance online any time with the integrated virtual Payfriendz MasterCard.
Use Payfriendz to:+ Settle up for lunch+ Collect money for your sports team+ Share household bills+ Split taxi and car sharing fares + Buy group gifts or vouchers for a birthday+ Collect money for gig tickets+ Pay IOUs or remind friends to pay you back
You’re in safe hands. We work with military-grade security and your funds are safeguarded according to the electronic money regulations of 2011. To all the fraudsters out there... you’ve come to the wrong app! We have a team of experts who work tirelessly around the clock ensure fraudulent use of our app is identified and stopped at lightening speed. Any abuse of our terms of use will result in your account being locked down.
Register now and start sharing money between friends in a heartbeat.
The Times - "To avoid being a nag, or getting nagged, download an app such as Payfriendz, where you can transfer money you owe to friends or your parents."
Evening Standard - “Time to cash in your debt. Payfriendz is a simple way to move money around your group in a few taps."
The Huffington Post - “Allows friends to send money with the same level of simplicity as you would a tweet or snap."
**Please be aware that you have to be 16 in order to use Payfriendz**